What does psychological therapy entail?

I am trained to help you understand and make sense of your difficulties and our understanding of your struggles will help us to create a plan to work towards your goals. 

To do this we will begin by talking about your experiences, your relationships, how you feel and how you see the world.  We might draw some diagrams to help us make sense of how your experiences link together. I will use my knowledge of psychological theory to help you to understand your experiences, behaviour and feelings. 

Our work together will evolve from our understanding of your struggles. Therefore, the plan we develop is as individual as you are and my skills enable me to support people experiencing a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression and trauma.

As our work progresses I will regularly ask you for feedback to ensure our sessions are working well for you. Therapy is a collaborative experience and my aim is to support you as fully as I can in our time together, so you feel safe to explore all aspects of yourself and your experiences.